Advantages of a walking bike

Walking bikes are becoming more and more popular. Here is why.

There are many reasons to start learning how to ride a bike on a walking bike. In contrast to other children's vehicles, a walking bike provides an absolutely unique way to train your child gross motor skills. It does not only train the balance, because going straight on a walking bike requires a lot of practice and concentration. You child will get the hang of it after a few weeks and the faster it gets the more fun it is. It is also important that the walking bike is of the correct size. But we'll get to that later.

If you buy an walking bike for your child, you can do so from the very moment your child can run safely, usually at the age of one and a half to two years.

This is the best time to get used to moving on wheels. A further advantage is obvious: If your child got used to running with the children's wheel, it is very likely that they will change to a bicycle very soon, as early as three or three and a half years old. In most cases, it does not even need support wheels, since the balance is already sufficiently trained up to this point in time.

When purchasing a walking bike, remember that a helmet is essential as is the case with a bicycle. Anyone who already has a child riding on an walking bike knows that you can also run with higher speeds on this vehicle. In the worst case, a fall would lead to serious injuries which can and should be averted by wearing a helmet.

Another advantage of the children's wheel is that after a few weeks of exercise you can even take long walks with your child. Moving the walking bike is exhausting and requires a lot of skill, but your child will be faster and will not lose the desire to walk. Thus, the wheel is a practical mobility aid for children, which also brings a lot of fun with it.